The first new photos of Tesla batteries have surfaced. They’re big

The first new photos of Tesla batteries have surfaced. They’re big

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company will revealed new technology on September 22

The editor-in-chief of the Canadian publication, Frederick Lambert, has published photographs of the finger battery sent to him by an anonymous well-wisher, which should become the first battery developed by Tesla independently. These batteries, as expected, Elon Musk will present on September 22 at the promised “Battery Day”.

Until now, Tesla has been making its electric vehicle batteries from lithium-ion batteries that it has purchased from third-party manufacturers. In the past, the supplier was LG, now it is Panasonic and CATL.

However, the company will soon start making its own basic batteries. And, according to Lambert, it is they who are present in the photo.

Traditionally, Tesla has used finger-type batteries, and in the photographs we see just one. However, there is a significant difference. So far, Tesla has used 18650 and 21700 batteries, where the first two digits indicate the diameter of the battery cylinder, the second two indicate its length, and the last 0 indicates exactly the circular cross-section of the finger battery.

In the photo, you can see something with a diameter of exactly 21 millimeters. Presumably, such a battery should be called, for example, 501000. For comparison, here is a photo of a battery of type 21700:

There are no details about the characteristics of the new batteries yet. We only know that these are lithium-ion batteries, for the production of which a lot of nickel is required. Tesla has already figured out where to get it.