The first model of the Subaru off-road sub-brand was spotted on tests

The first model of the Subaru off-road sub-brand was spotted on tests

February 15, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese automaker Subaru is testing the first model of its new Wilderness sub-brand. The cars of the latter will be more prepared for overcoming off-road conditions. The first Wilderness model will debut this year.

About a month ago, there were “spy” photos of the Subaru Outback prototype. The latter received several visual improvements and a raised suspension. At the time, we thought the Japanese automaker was working on an off-road version of its all-wheel-drive station wagon, but it turns out Subaru has more serious plans for this year.

According to the foreign publication Automotive News, the Japanese manufacturer will create a completely new sub-brand focused on off-road modifications – both visual and hardware.

The division will be called Wilderness and will feature more off-road versions of the brand’s two best-selling models in the United States, the Outback station wagon and the Forester crossover, which accounted for more than 50 percent of Subaru’s U.S. sales in 2020.

“Wilderness will give these vehicles additional off-road capabilities, in particular a more brutal appearance,” said Wally Sommer, President of Sommer’s Subaru during the last dealer meeting. “The new sub-brand is perfect for Subaru’s character.”

The Outback Wilderness station wagon will debut first – it should happen this spring or mid-summer. A few months later, the Forester Wilderness crossover will appear. It is known that these new items will receive off-road tires, increased ground clearance and several visual differences from conventional models. As standard, both the Outback and Forester already have an impressive 220.98m ground clearance.

“We hope that the Wilderness versions of our models will appeal to our active customers who really enjoy traveling outside of asphalt,” Patrick Vergin, chairman of Subaru’s US National Retailer Advisory Board, told the online publication.