The first Jeep Renegade Limited tests: bad aerodynamics and a torn transmission

The first Jeep Renegade Limited tests: bad aerodynamics and a torn transmission

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier this month, the brand Jeep, owned by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles concern, introduced a restyling version of the compact Renegade crossover. The novelty has already visited the first test drives, and we are pleased to present your opinion on this car to your court.

Renegade will have to literally drag the sales of Jeep cars, which in the local market by the end of 2017 collapsed by 55% and did not crash even more just because of the compact crossover.

After the restyling, the Jeep Renegade received two new engines: a three-cylinder turbo engine with a capacity of 1 liter, as well as a turbocharged four with a volume of 1.3 liters. The basic motor on paper looks good: its 118 horsepower should have been enough to move normally in this car, but in practice its power is low, no matter what speed it was.

Turbo four for 148 hp is an order of magnitude stronger, and the power of this engine is quite enough to meet the expectations of the dynamics of a compact cross. At a speed of 130 kilometers per hour the car feels confident, but its brutal aerodynamics leads to a lot of aerodynamic noise in the cabin. The situation is spoiled by a two-disk six-speed “robot” that can be pretty annoying in the city stream, trying to find the right gear, after which, to actively accelerate the engine, it is necessary to overcome a significant turbolag. All this leads to the fact that driving a car is smoothly very difficult, which can be annoying. The best choice is likely to be a 178-strong version with a nine-speed automatic transmission, but at the moment it is still not available for order.

The crossover steering is by no means crossover, but rather reminiscent of what can be felt behind the wheel of a related Fiat 500X – it’s very lightweight. On wheels R19 the car feels very rigid.

In the cabin, despite the statements of Jeep, almost nothing has changed compared to the pre-styling version. The quality of materials does not compare with the leaders of the segment – Mini Countryman or Nissan Qashqai. Hard plastic in the cabin is just the same.

Multimedia system Uconnect with a touch screen of 8.4 inches is gorgeous: the picture is clear and juicy, the menu is logically correctly constructed, there is support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The quality of the materials in the Jeep Renegade could be higher, and it’s disappointing, because the design of the torpedo, in their opinion, was very attractive.

The seats in the cabin of the crossover in abundance, but thanks to the square shape of the body. But the space at the feet in the back row is no more than that of competitors. Also it can be noted that the salon has a holder for smartphones, new cupholders, and the number of outlets for smartphones has increased.

Despite the compact size, small rear windows significantly impair visibility, which will result in difficulties in parking.

When driving, there was also a problem with the front head restraints, which were pressed against the shoulders.

In general, you can quite severely criticize the model, putting her low scores.