The first interview of Carlos Ghosn from imprisonment: did not steal money, gave bribes with the approval of the company

The first interview of Carlos Ghosn from imprisonment: did not steal money, gave bribes with the approval of the company

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The disgraced top manager of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance on Wednesday gave a short interview to the Japanese edition of the Nikkei Asian Review, in which he rejected all the accusations against him and told about the plot against him in the Nissan company.

Carlos Ghosn is alive and well, he came to an interview with a correspondent for a Japanese magazine in a tracksuit – the interlocutors communicated through a glass partition. He estimated his physical well-being as good and expressed readiness to defend his honor. According to Ghosn, he was the victim of conspiracy and betrayal by colleagues from Nissan, who decided to remove him, fearing the concentration of power in the hands of one strong leader. Ghosn confirmed repeated rumors that he planned to turn the Alliance into a single powerful high-performance company. We note that French Finance Minister Bruno Le May (the French government is the largest shareholder of Renault) categorically rejected last week the intention to merge Renault and Nissan. Nonetheless, Ghosn claims that there were plans to merge, and he discussed them in September with Nissan President Hiroto Saikawa, while Ghosn wanted to bring Osamu Masuko, executive director of Mitsubishi Motors, to the talks, but Saikawa chose to decide the fate of the alliance with eye-to-face . Part of the Nissan bosses, fearing that they would lose their seats in the new single company, fabricated compromising materials against Gon and enlisted the support of the Tokyo prosecutor’s office.

Ghosn does not consider any of the accusations made against him to be fair and asserts that Nissan accounting and all those who were supposed to know knew about the “illegal” expenses attributed to him. In particular, he claims that he paid millions of dollars to a Saudi businessman, Khaled al-Juffali, not to solve personal (Ghosn) financial problems, but to promote Nissan’s interests in the region, that the executive director’s money was taken from a special fund and signed the relevant item of expenditure. Also, 7.82 million dollars, which Ghosn allegedly wrote out to himself in the form of remuneration through the Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture in the Netherlands, were actually taken on the development of the enterprise, and the prosecutor’s office simply distorts the facts. Ghosn is also accused of purchasing luxury real estate from Brazil and Lebanon, but the top manager claims that these expenses were approved by the company: he needed his houses for safe and secure work in these countries, in which he accepted local partners. Well, and so on on all counts. Nevertheless, Ghosn admits that the documents he signed may have some kind of mistakes or inaccuracies – after all, he is not a lawyer, and he trusted in this plan, highly competent, he believed, to the company’s employees.

Today, Carlos Ghosn gave an interview to France Presse and the French newspaper Les Echos, where, in essence, he said the same thing as the Nikkei Asian Review, but focused on the baseless content of him in prison, because his guilt was not proven. Ghosn’s lawyers several times petitioned for the release of the client on bail, but the court did not satisfy them, because he believes that Ghosn can escape from the country and interfere with the investigation. In response, Ghosn offered to hand over all the passports and wear an electronic bracelet, but the court still did not go to meet him. “This is not normal for a democratic state,” Ghosn told reporters. He said that since November 19 (day of arrest) he could not call his wife and children. In turn, the wife of Carlos Ghana complained of ill-treatment of her husband to the independent international human rights organization Human Rights Watch. Ghosn himself doesn’t hide that he is very tired and that life in prison is not sugar: “Here the feeling of time disappears, because the light burns even at night, and I see the sky only during a 30-minute walk on the roof of the building. I really do not have enough fresh air! ”.

Recall that Nissan and Mitsubishi, without waiting for the court decision, fired Ghosn from all leadership positions, although formally he still remains the managing director of Nissan – from this post he will be removed by the shareholders meeting scheduled for mid-April. The reins of the government in Renault Ghosn passed himself, since he could not, due to the circumstances, fulfill his duties.