The first information about the new Ford Mustang is known

The first information about the new Ford Mustang is known

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Despite rumors of his delay, the next-generation Ford Mustang may appear earlier than we thought.

Thanks to Mustang6G forum member “amk91” for defining the Blue Oval jobs list for “Wind / Road Tire and Air Leak (PVT) Engineer”. While the title of the work says little about the future of Mustang, its description reveals much more.

“Become part of a proud team that will ensure the quality of Ford and Lincoln for the current Mustang (S550) and the final approval of the Ford 2023 S650 program,” the document says. Yes, according to Ford’s own list of jobs, the next Mustang should appear in the next few years as the 2023 model. Consider us astonished because the last time our buddies heard about the car, the sale date of the S650 Mustang has been postponed to the last half of the decade due to difficulties in adapting the new CD6 Explorer platform to work in a pony car.

Thus, it remains for us to believe that either Ford figured out the platform fight, or the company simply continues to refer to the new car internally by the originally planned release date. A Ford representative was unable to comment on either the job list or the condition of the next-generation pony car.

However, we expect the Blue Oval sports car to receive a hybrid gasoline-electric transmission by the middle of the decade. Only time will tell if Ford decides to introduce the S650 Mustang in 2023, or if the brand decides to review the current car and continue to mess with the next-generation model for several more years. Despite this, we expect Ford to show off a noticeably refreshed Mustang in the coming months.