The first images of the updated Bentley Bentayga published

The first images of the updated Bentley Bentayga published

June 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bentley is preparing to update the Bentayga, the flagship SUV, whose first images leaked through digital channels to the official premiere.

The first images of what most likely is the updated Bentley Bentayga leaked through Instagram. The SUV, which was originally introduced in 2015, will have a modified front panel with new elements.

First of all, the Bentayga gets a revised front bumper with different cooling holes on both sides. These holes do not rise upward, but extend further down to the bumper. This allows Bentley to install large and, in all likelihood, slightly more oval headlights. In small round elements next to them are placed daytime running lights and turn signals. The place where the ring around the LEDs was previously occupied by plastic painted in body color is now filled with LED lighting. In addition, the hood seems to be pulled forward a bit, so that the plastic frame no longer surrounds the grille.

Images partially show the interior of the updated Bentayga. Apparently, Bentley will equip Bentayga with a new fully digital toolbar. In addition, the company will replace the round ventilation holes in the upper part of the center console with horizontally oriented ones that are installed around the analog clock. The new infotainment system will receive a larger display, and the physical hot keys previously placed on the left and right side of the screen have moved to the space above the climate control buttons.

What will change at the technical level is still unknown. According to the publication, the W12 and V8 engines along with the plug-in Bentayga hybrid will be retained, although with possible minor modifications from Bentley.