The first images of the “successor” McLaren F1 with a fan

The first images of the “successor” McLaren F1 with a fan

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Soon, McLaren will introduce the “successor” of the legendary F1 supercar. They will be the novelty, called T.50.

Former McLaren CTO and co-creator of the legendary F1 model, Gordon Murray introduced the completed T.50 coupe design. It is reported that the supercar has the most advanced aerodynamics among road cars. The development of new items will be the company of Murray Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). A striking feature of the model will be a system of active ground effect with a 400 mm fan.

 More recently, images of new items and fresh information about aerodynamics have appeared. The main element of the supercar was the fan of the ground effect system, which cuts the air under the bottom of the car to increase downforce and directs it through the active air ducts, which are part of the rear diffuser. Thus, the design turned out to be “more rapid and clean.” Combining the algorithms of active elements GMA T.50 will offer six aerodynamic modes: Auto, Brake Mode, High Downforce, Streamline, Vmax Mode and Test. The latter demonstrates all the possibilities of active aerodynamics.

 It is known that the novelty received a 4.0-liter V12 Cosworth-GMA, capable of spinning up to 12,100 rpm and supplemented with a 48-volt starter-generator. The power plant produces power of 650 hp. (peak power will be 700 hp) and 450 Nm of torque. The car is also equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and limited slip differential. In terms of dimensions, the T.50 turned out to be slightly smaller than the Porsche 911.

 Recently, Gordon Murray Automotive has entered into an agreement with the Formula 1 team of SportPesa Racing Point, co-owner of which Lawrence Stroll, according to some information, is eyeing the purchase of Aston Martin. On the basis of the Racing Point in Silverstone, they will conduct virtual and physical tests of the scale model T.50 in a wind tunnel with a moving canvas. In addition, the team will allocate a group of engineers who will engage in fine-tuning the supercar.

 It is reported that publicly GMA T.50 will be presented in May next year. A total of 100 copies will be issued at a cost of two million pounds for each, and most of the circulation has already been sold out. The first customers will receive their cars in 2022. According to Murray, the novelty will become the ideological successor to the McLaren F1.

Recall, a little earlier we reported that a car enthusiast from Colorado showed an atmospheric collection of McLaren supercars. This collection is even interested in the British automaker.

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