The first images of the Porsche Taycan GT2 appeared on the web

The first images of the Porsche Taycan GT2 appeared on the web

September 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche Taycan is the first fully electric car of the German automaker with a price of 150 thousand US dollars for the Taycan Turbo. But it’s worth it.

The other day, on his Twitter, Elon Mask ridiculed the name Taycan, which received the Turbo prefix, because in an electric car there is nothing like a turbocharger. In this case, Porsche uses the word “Turbo” simply to indicate the trim level, following the trend of the entire lineup.

Thus, we have already speculated on the possible future evolution of Taycan. Few Porsche are as scary as the 911 GT2, and this is exactly what the artists tried to portray on the render. It should be noted that we have not heard any information that such a version of the electric car is at least considered by the brand’s management.There are no great secrets behind this fictional Taycan GT2. The front end is borrowed from the 911 GT2, including gaping air intakes for a non-existent engine. In this case, they can provide additional cooling for electric motors and batteries, which emit a significant amount of heat during operation. And make no mistake – if this Taycan bears the GT2 badge, it must meet the expectations that the title requires.

Heat dissipation is not the only update installed on this Taycan GT2. It has a massive adjustable rear wing and vents above the front wheels to improve aerodynamics. Its GT2-specific wheels are lightweight. The ground clearance of this version is slightly lower than that of the standard Taycan Turbo. And, of course, he wears an appropriate shade of green.

The chances of ever seeing the Taycan GT2 are negligible, but these images are definitely intriguing for sophisticated car enthusiasts.