The first images of the “charged” version of the new Opel Corsa OPC have appeared

The first images of the “charged” version of the new Opel Corsa OPC have appeared

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

So far, there is no official data on the high-performance performance of the German Opel Corsa OPC hatchback. It is expected that the novelty can boast improved dynamic performance.

The German sixth generation Opel Corsa hatchback debuted last week with a fully electric powertrain that it shares with the new Peugeot 208. In this form, it provides 134 horsepower and offers a range of up to 330 kilometers (WLTP cycle). To the electric car will join the version with a classic internal combustion engine, including conventional gasoline and diesel cars, as well as a more powerful performance OPC.

Independent artist Kleber Silva has worked on the visualization of the last car. These digital “drawings” show that the elegant design of the new Corsa will provide a good basis for the sports version of the model.

A number of exterior features, including new bumpers with a larger air intake, larger rims and a dual exhaust system built into the rear diffuser, give the car a more aggressive look. The designer also placed small OPC badges on the body and equipped the “charged” hatchback with a two-color finish with a dominant blue color for the body.

We have not heard anything about high-performance for the new Corsa, but it can be safely assumed that it is in development. Given the fact that the new version of the hatchback has become 108 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, it will become more agile than before. Proper suspension and brakes in combination with increased power could turn the Opel Corsa OPC into a very evil kid.

It is expected that the most powerful internal combustion engine for the new Corsa, at least initially, will be a 1.2-liter engine producing 128 hp. There will also be available and a 1.5-liter diesel engine with 99 hp