The first images of Dacia Sandero published

The first images of Dacia Sandero published

March 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Dacia Sandero and Logan have been working for more than seven years and should work another year. In 2021, a completely new third generation is ready to replace its predecessor.

For this, Dacia demonstrates a well-known appearance in a more modern form, but there is no real revolution. From the base point of view, this is true because, in all likelihood, the new Sandero will finally no longer be built on the basis of the ancient Renault Clio.

Perhaps this is similar to “yesterday”, but 14.5 years have passed since the registration of the first Dacia Logan. Now is the time to focus on today. Now the company aims to change the generation, which, as already mentioned, is almost at the end of its life cycle. Recently disguised as Logan, and Sandero have already shown themselves as test copies. Based on this, foreign designers are already outlining the upcoming Sandero. In front you can see the new Sandero as standard, and in the back – the new Sandero with Stepway trim.

Just as Dacia did before with Duster, the front of the current generation is returning in modern forms. The slightly sharper and wider headlights give it a distinctly fresh look. In the back, designers continued to work on the facelift of the current Sandero. Like the front, here we see wider and sharper light fixtures. A slightly wider tailgate and a taller window line further ensure that the Sandero at the rear looks wider than the current generation.

The biggest innovation can be found in Sandero (and therefore also in Logan) under the new body. After all, the first and second generations are still on the Dacia-derived B0 platform, which can be traced back to the second generation Renault Clio. The upcoming Sandero (and Logan) will benefit from a much newer base. Renault Group said that by 2022, 70% of the company’s vehicles will be on a modular platform CMF. So there is a good chance that Sandero will move on the CMF-B platform, which is known from the fifth generation Renault Clio, introduced in 2019.

Of course, we can also count on an engine upgrade. The 0.9 TCe is likely to give way to the newer TCS 100 and TCe 100, which are also already available in Clio. We probably won’t see the atmospheric SCe 75 either, and hope for another highlight for the Sandero, possibly the TCe 130. The RS version of the current Sandero, known in some markets as Renault, seems quite likely. More realistic is a kind of RS-line, as an alternative to sports Stepway. The liquefied gas engine is also reportedly under development again, and the company has not hinted at a hybrid option such as the Clio.