The first image of the Skoda Octavia Wagon appeared on the Web.

The first image of the Skoda Octavia Wagon appeared on the Web.

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Unfortunately, while we are not talking about the serial version, but only about the renderer from an independent designer. Although the model has every chance of appearing in the fifth generation. We will learn more about Octavia in the coming months.

New Skoda Octavia should be released before the end of this year. But most likely, the model will first be presented as a hatchback. Despite the fact that sales last year declined by 7.3 percent, Octavia was still Skoda’s best-selling car in 2018. Around the world, an enormous number of 388,200 copies were sold, more than double the results of the other two models (Rapid 191,500 and Fabia 190,900). Octavia is the most important brand model.

The fifth generation of the model is preparing for the release this year. And we still expect to see in the company’s lineup a practical wagon, similar to the one shown on the render. And the Octavia Wagon in many parts of the world is actually more popular than the hatchback.

The model will be built on the basis of the modular platform MQB, and we can expect even more space in the cabin. But the most important change for the fans of the model is the absence of a controversial rear head optics that previously caused a ton of criticism.