The first hydrogen Hyundai Nexo delivered to the buyer

The first hydrogen Hyundai Nexo delivered to the buyer

January 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai has sent the first Hyundai Nexo hydrogen crossover to the client. It was received by American Todd Hochrad from Southern California.

Previously, Hochrad had a hybrid car and an electric car. He is a consistent supporter of green technology. Perhaps due to the fact that before his retirement he was a scientist. Now he will be able to appreciate all the advantages of a car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells.

In California, hydrogen Hyundai Nexo with discounts can be bought for 58,300 dollars. It can also be rented for 36 months (Blue equipment for $ 399 per month, and Limited – $ 449 per month). Buyers are offered free service and refueling cards for the first three years.

The Nexo hydrogen in the Hyundai lineup will replace the Tucson Fuel Cell. He has a cruising range in the Limited configuration of 570 km, and in the Blue configuration – 611 km. Up to 100 km / h this car accelerates in 9.5 seconds.

In the base Nexo Blue has 17-inch wheels, LED lights, adaptive cruise control, control of “dead” zones, emergency emergency braking, heated seats, imitation leather interior, etc.

Limited equipment includes more equipment (for example, steering wheel heating), security systems, there are 19-inch wheels.