The first Ferrari car Michael Schumacher put up for sale

The first Ferrari car Michael Schumacher put up for sale

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The 412 T2 car was tested by the famous driver before the first full season in the team in 1995

The very first Michael Schumacher car in the Ferrari team put up for auction. It is expected that a car called 412 T2 will be sold for about 7 million euros.

This car was tested by the famous racer before the first full season in the team. He first got behind the wheel of this car on November 16, 1995. Later, this car was used by Jean Alesi.

In 2017, at the RM Sotheby’s auction in New York, they sold another Ferrari Formula 1 car, which was attended by the outstanding racer Michael Schumacher. They paid $ 7,504,000 for the car, making it the most expensive formula car of our time. On the Ferrari Marlboro F2001 chassis number 211 Schumacher took two Grand Prix in the 2001 season.

The previous record for the value of the Formula 1 cars also belonged to the car Schumacher. In 2005, the Ferrari F2004 went under the hammer for $ 3.2 million.

Michael Schumacher spent 19 seasons in Formula 1. During this time, the German pilot seven times became the world champion: he won 91 one victory and 155 times rose to the podium.

Schumacher was seriously injured on December 29, 2013 while relaxing in the French resort of Meribel. While skiing, the race driver tripped on a stone and hit his head on a ledge of a rock. The victim was taken to Grenoble, where doctors put him in an artificial coma. The athlete underwent two operations, and in January 2014, doctors began to remove him from a coma. In early September 2014, Michael Schumacher was discharged from a rehabilitation center in Basel. The rider continued the restoration of the house, for this he was transferred to a family residence in Switzerland. In total, the hospital Schumacher was 254 days.