The first electric Husqvarna was on the conveyors

The first electric Husqvarna was on the conveyors

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The EE mini-cycle model is equivalent to 50-cc petrol competitors and is targeted at young people. Sales are planning to open in July this year.

For each copy of the new manufacturer asks 5,000 euros. For this amount, the buyer receives an electric SUV with a DC motor with a capacity of 5 kW and a lithium-ion battery 907 Wh. A full charge will take an hour and ten minutes, and up to 80% of it can be refilled in just 45 minutes.

The electric model Husqvarna EE 5 makes it possible not only to enjoy riding on environmentally friendly transport (two hours of measured driving), but also to feel the spirit of competition (25 minutes in the racing mode).

 The bike comes with a sturdy alloy steel frame, disc brakes, a WP Suspension XACT pneumatic fork and Neken handles. He also has six driving modes, between which the driver can easily switch. The suspension travel is 205 mm at the front and 185 mm at the rear.

It will enter the US market in August, and on the world market next month.

In the meantime, BMW plans to complete its C Evolution maxi-scooter with capsule protection, which will be available as an option.