The first electric car VW: photo serial hatch and his name

The first electric car VW: photo serial hatch and his name

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Officially, Volkswagen has not yet declassified the look of its first electric hatchback. The new portion of images will not do this either, but it, perhaps, gives the most complete picture of what the electric car will look like – despite the extravagant camouflage.

Appeared the same photo in the global network due to an oversight of the Dutch division of Volkswagen. In preparation for the start of taking orders, it published a video about an electric vehicle. The video was almost instantly removed from the web, however, some media managed to watch it and cut it into separate frames.

Interestingly, in passing, the Dutch accidentally declassified the hatchback product’s presumptive name. Initially it was assumed that it would go on sale under the name I.D., but this abbreviation became a kind of “last name” – the designation of the entire electrical family. Later it was reported that the Germans would call their first electric car Neo, however, the reality turned out to be much more prosaic: apparently, Volkswagen’s first-born electric vehicle will enter the market under the name ID.3.

This hypothesis is quite consistent with the recent information that Volkswagen has registered a whole chain of names in a similar format – from ID.1 to ID.9. In addition, the only existing electric prototype of the company, the ID.R supercar, which is currently being prepared for conquering the Nurburgring, is named after the same template.

Most likely, the final curtain of secrecy will be eliminated tomorrow, along with the start of receiving orders. According to some reports, VW ID.3 will cost at least 29,990 euros.