The first electric Bentley will not be a sports car

The first electric Bentley will not be a sports car

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company will release an electric car only after the appearance of new types of batteries.

The first serial electric car Bentley will appear only after the creation of new types of batteries. In particular, we are talking about batteries with high energy storage density. Modern technologies, according to the head of the British brand Adrian Holmark, limit the size of the car and are not suitable for the premium segment. In this case, the first electric model of the brand will not be a sports car.

A breakthrough in battery technology will happen no earlier than 2023-2025, according to Holmark. Using them in the first all-electric Bentley will attract new customers who have never bought luxury cars before. At the same time, Holmark notes, of the current owners of Bentley are considering the possibility of acquiring an electric car about 40 percent.

It is known that the first battery Bentley will not be a sports car. “We talked about sports cars in the past, but now there is no certainty that they are needed,” says Holmark – the Volkswagen Group already releases them in sufficient quantities. The head of the company hints that with the help of a new model, the brand will try to rethink the classic grand tourer in a modern manner, presenting an electric car with a very large cruising range.

In March last year at the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley presented the conceptual roadster EXP 12 Speed ​​6e, equipped with an all-electric powerplant. According to the manufacturer, the progress of the prototype should have been enough for a trip from London to Paris (about 500 kilometers) or from Milan to Monaco (about 400 kilometers).