The first electric Bentley will be a four-door coupe

The first electric Bentley will be a four-door coupe

March 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The first electric car in the Benley lineup will be the four-door coupe. The model, which will be built on the Porsche Mission E units, will allow the British manufacturer to create “an entirely new language for the design of the brand.” This is referring to the chief designer Stefan Zilaffa Autoexpress.

“Of course, the next step is to create an electric model – a unique Bentley, not based on an existing car,” says Zilaff. “It must be absolutely new, fresh development, with completely different proportions.”

Zilaff sees such a Bentley as a four- or five-seater car with little space for luggage. In this novelty will not repeat any of the previously shown concepts, but, of course, will be associated with the brand from Crewe. When the model appears and what name will be given, it is not reported yet.

The first hint of the electrification of the Bentley line was the roadster EXP 12 Speed ​​6e. The concept car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last spring. The manufacturer did not give detailed information about the power unit of the electric car, however he said that on one charge the roadster can travel from London to Paris – about 500 kilometers.