The first crossover Ferrari showed on new renders

The first crossover Ferrari showed on new renders

February 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This controversial Ferrari model bears the noble name Purosangue, which translates from Italian as “purebred”. Experts do not expect the appearance of a newest car until 2022. But already now we can see what the debut cross of Italians can be.

They started talking about an SUV under the Ferrari brand back in 2017. Currently, this rumor has grown to the fact: the brand not only announced the name of the future new SUV – Ferrari Purosangue, but also managed to test how many prototypes of the crossover.

After the spy photos emerged, began creating a series of Purosangue renders, partially rendering the first Ferrari cross. The last pictures show the stern of the car.

The latest spy shots show the SUV looks like a station wagon with a sloping roof and tailgate.

One of the most striking features of the new car is the embossed folds of the body, which, protruding from the arches of the front wheels, form a curved rear wing.

The taillights get a classic round shape, and the twin tailpipes of the exhaust system complement the sporty look of the crossover. It is known that the crossover will receive the Front Mid Engine architecture with an innovative suspension and a hybrid transmission. Experts predict a powerful V12 for the role of a motor, but this power unit may become history due to stricter environmental standards.