The first commercial Mazda electric car will not look like a fridge

The first commercial Mazda electric car will not look like a fridge

November 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In August last year, Mazda and Toyota announced the creation of an alliance with a cross-border exchange of shares, the purpose of which is the joint development and release of electric vehicles and drones.

We will not see the results of this joint work yet, and its first serial “electric train”, as it turned out at the lobby of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mazda develops on its own, since this project was launched before full-fledged friendship with Toyot. Joe Stenuyette, a new chief designer at the European division of the Japanese company, who replaced Chery Kevin Rice, who left at this post, told Autocar magazine that Mazda’s first electric car will be a very spectacular, 100-percent follower of Kodo’s design philosophy:

“We do not want to let an electric car look like a refrigerator, as other automakers do.”

What kind of car it is, while it’s a secret. Perhaps we are expecting a coupĂ© sedan in the spirit of last year’s concept Mazda Vision Coupe – such a car could be a worthy competitor of the American Tesla Model S, but it would be more appropriate, of course, to be the first to release an electric crossover on the market, since such vehicles are in demand in all markets, and especially in the American and Chinese, and this is today the main consumers of “greenery”.

Meanwhile, Mazda’s tire has been operating tightly for more than ten years already: more than a decade has been released in 2012, with a hundred electric hatchbacks Demio (this is Mazda 2 for the Japanese market), equipped with a battery capacity of 20 kWh and able to drive 200 km on one charge. The cars were given to the leasings, received the desired feedback from the customers, and then switched to the hybrids: a prototype Demio with a 0.33-liter rotary-piston engine on board was prepared, and it was precisely in the RPD that Toyota’s competitors saw it big prospects – in the future, Mazda will produce units of this type for the plug-in hybrids of both companies, the first of which will enter the global market in about 2021. As the so-called RPD stretcher, which is not mechanically coupled to wheels and operates in steady state as a generator, the optimum is compact, quiet, smooth and economical.

It turns out that Mazda is today – almost the most innovative developer in the field of ICE: the new Mazda 3, presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, will be equipped with a super-economical and very tight gasoline engine Skyactiv-X, whose ignition partially comes from compression, as diesel engine. The RAP seems to have finally gone into the past with the RX-8 coupe in 2012, but Mazda has managed to find its application under the new, very rigid environmental agenda: the company promises to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 (compared with with the level of 2010) and by 90% by the 2050s.