The first Chinese electric car Xpeng appeared in Europe

The first Chinese electric car Xpeng appeared in Europe

December 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese Xpeng cars appeared in Europe. The first batch of 100 electric crossovers made it to Norway. They will be distributed among 28 cities, Xiaopeng Automobiles’ press office said.

The first copies of the Xpeng G3 electric car were delivered to the Norwegian market, which have been produced by the startup over the past two years and have proven themselves very well in the Chinese market.

“Exporting the G3 to Norway is our first key milestone in the expansion of the European market. We believe that smart cars are an international product, and Xiaopeng Automobiles is committed to becoming a global leader in smart electric vehicles, ”said CEO He Xiaopeng.

In export versions, the Xpeng G3 has an English interface. The voice assistant Hi Xpeng also works on it. In addition, the car’s navigation system uses maps of Norway that were downloaded from the factory. Norwegian car owners can also remotely control the crossover via a mobile app. According to Xiaopeng Automobiles, the automatic parking feature is in high demand in Norway, so the Xpeng G3 can easily park with a single tap on the key fob.

The Xpeng G3 is an electric compact crossover that has been manufactured at Haima Automobiles’ plant under an agreement with Xiaopeng since 2018. The vehicle is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. The power is 145 kW and the torque is 300 Nm. These dynamics are presented by the manufacturer in a very interesting way: acceleration to 50 km / h takes 3.8 seconds. Accordingly, the acceleration to 100 km / h should take about 7.5-8 s, and in this parameter the Xpeng G3 is also much inferior to the original. The Chinese are also eccentric with a power reserve. For the Xpeng G3, two versions are announced with almost the same power reserve: 351 and 365 km.

Crossover length is 4450 mm, width – 1820 mm, height – 1600 mm. In length, it is inferior even to the Model 3, not to mention the Model S, but in the exterior there are notes of different Tesla models. For example, the panoramic roof seems to be borrowed from the Model X. The wheelbase of the Xpeng G3 is almost 30 cm less than the wheelbase of the Model 3: 2610 mm versus 2880 mm. That is, there is no special space inside.

Xiaopeng Auto, also known as Xiaopeng Motors, was founded in 2014 by former Alibaba CEO He Xiaopeng and Lei Jun (founder of Xiaomi). At the moment, the startup’s lineup consists of two “electric trains” – the Xpeng G3 crossover and the Xpeng P7 sedan. Xiaopeng Auto has firmly established itself in the Chinese market, showing sales of 16,608 in 2019, which is only slightly below the level of the most popular Chinese startup, Nio. However, sales for 11 months of 2020 exceed the figure for the entire last year.

During the year, Xpeng’s management will decide which European country will be the next market after Norway: a strategy to enter new export markets is not yet ready, but it will be carefully thought out in the coming months. It is not excluded that soon the company of the G3 model will be the Xpeng P7 sedan. By the way, earlier the Chinese company BYD announced its intentions to sell electric cars in Norway.