The first car of the new brand Revolution Racecars is already in working out

The first car of the new brand Revolution Racecars is already in working out

September 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Co-founder of Radical Sportscars (British manufacturer and designer of racing cars), Phil Abbott, launched a new brand, called Revolution Racecars. Developers are already working on a powerful revolutionary sports car, writes the publication Sarscoops.

The network has a sketch of the first car from Revolution Racecars, which is a monocoque made of carbon fiber, made in Germany. “It is designed and manufactured by riders for racers,” say the creators. Work on the firstborn is in the initial stage, but it is already known that the car will weigh 675 kg. They also told about the exciting technical characteristics.

In the movement, an unnamed sports car will be powered by a 3.7-liter V6 Ford engine generating 300 hp. The manufacturer claims that this is enough to overcome more than 9600 km on the race track before the need for restructuring.

In combination with this engine will operate a six-speed gearbox with a sequential gearshift, which transfers power to the rear wheels. The transmission will be supplied by the company specializing in it 3MO. The products of this company are used in rally, hillclimb, prototype, rallycross and other racing cars.

The new sports car will also have a unique design. One of its main features is a narrow one-seater cabin suspended between two axles and sending us to Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The front part includes thin vertical headlights and wheel arches, somewhat resembling the concepts of Roborace. In the back, there are a couple of air intakes that cool the engine. Other details and fresh images of Revolution Racecars promised to release next month before the public debut of the car in early November.

No less unique and rare sports car Rossion Q1R 2018 is sold on one of the American sites. The car is covered with composite carbon fiber.