The first batch of Volkswagen ID.4 electric cars was sold out in a day

The first batch of Volkswagen ID.4 electric cars was sold out in a day

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

There were so many people who wanted to buy a new product in the USA that they brought down the company’s website

The first batch of Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition electric cars, released in a limited edition, was sold out in the United States immediately after the premiere. The site of the company could not cope with the influx of visitors and for some time it was impossible to place an order for the model. When the specialists restored access, it turned out that the ID.4 in the “welcome” version of the 1st Edition was completely sold out – not even a day had passed since the premiere of the model, reports

Prices for the Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition special series in the North American market start at $ 43,995, with already ordered electric vehicles slated to ship to customers in early 2021. In order to leave a pre-order, you had to make a deposit of $ 100, and later, when the electric car gets on the conveyor, pay another $ 400.

The model is available in two versions – with one engine and a twin-engine installation, rear and all-wheel drive, respectively. The single-drive ID.4 can be equipped with 148, 175 and 204 horsepower electric motors to choose from.

Basic electric cars are equipped with a 55 kilowatt-hour battery, which provides a power reserve of 360 kilometers. The top 204-horsepower electric motor is powered by a 77 kilowatt-hour battery, and the ID.4 is also equipped with a twin-engine unit (306 horsepower).

At first, the production of ID.4 will be carried out only at the plant in Zwickau, Germany, and later, in 2022, a localized version will appear on the US market – it will be assembled at the plant in Chattanooga.