The first batch of new electric Hummer SUVs sold out in just one day

The first batch of new electric Hummer SUVs sold out in just one day

April 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The zero-emission SUV based on the eponymous electric pickup truck debuted on April 5. Almost immediately started accepting orders for the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1.

The American carmaker General Motors has set out to revive the legendary Hammer brand and is consistently pursuing it. In the fall of last year, the Americans presented the GMC Hummer EV electric pickup truck. Now a large SUV based on it is also presented.

Moreover, in terms of power, the SUV loses to the pickup due to its more compact design. Although it is difficult to call this SUV small – it is 5.5 meters long.

The novelty is based on the GM BT1 platform with a “flat” design. Externally, the new SUV may resemble the legendary Hummer H2, and up to the rear fenders it looks like the first pickup that debuted.

The SUV got three electric motors with a total output of 830 horsepower. The power of an electric pickup truck reaches 1000 hp.

Without recharging, an electric SUV will travel 400 to 500 kilometers, depending on the battery. This is the newest Ultium battery in various capacities. Like the pickup, the Hummer EV SUV can move diagonally in “crab mode”.

The new product will appear on the North American market only in 2023. The minimum price tag will be $ 90,000. In 2024, it will be possible to purchase an SUV with two engines instead of three, it was estimated at at least $ 80,000. Whether the novelty will get out of the home region has not yet been announced.

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