The fifty-year-old car set a speed record: 722 km/h

The fifty-year-old car set a speed record: 722 km/h

August 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the Speed ​​Week, held on a dried salt lake in Bonneville, a 50-year-old car called Challenger 2 set a speed record in the category of cars with atmospheric piston engines. After two runs, the average speed of the Challenger was 722.2 kilometers per hour.

The history of the car called Challenger began in 1960, when its developer, racer and creator of hot dogs Mickey Thompson, dispersed in Bonneville to 644 kilometers per hour. However, he was not able to finish the second race because of technical malfunctions, and his record was not included.

By 1968, Thompson built the Challenger 2, but because of the weather conditions, speed rides in Bonneville were canceled. In 1988, Mickey Thompson and his wife were killed in their own house, and their son Danny conserved the project and for a long time did not return to the idea of ​​setting a speed record.

Two years ago, Danny Thompson again began work on the Challenger 2, finalizing the car. The total power of the two “eights” HEMI increased from 1800 to 2500 hp, and in the front fairing a tank for 113 liters of nitromethane appeared.

In 2016, this car was able to score 654.6 kilometers per hour. This year at the Speed ​​Week in Bonneville in the first attempt Challenger 2 accelerated to 718.7 kilometers per hour, and in the second – up to 725.6 kilometers per hour. The average result was a record in its category.