The fifth Range Rover will become more luxurious and functional

The fifth Range Rover will become more luxurious and functional

November 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to make the fifth generation of its flagship model even more attractive thanks to a rich list of options, new power plants and luxurious appearance. All this will help the SUV compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Land Rover Range Rover SUV with the change of generation will be the most technically advanced in the entire half-century history of the model. The novelty will be based on the modular MLA platform, allowing you to install two electric motors at once – one on each axis. For the first time, the next-generation Range Rover will be sold with hybrid systems, which include traditional ICEs. Later, a fully electric SUV will join them. According to experts, a manufacturer with a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours can place a SUV under the floor. With its help, the novelty will travel over 480 kilometers without recharging.

 As conceived by Jaguar Land Rover management, the new Range Rover will have a major advantage in competing with the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan in the luxury car segment.

 This is a flexible architecture that allows the use of environmentally friendly power plants. In addition, electrification will “untie the hands” of Land Rover designers in terms of work on the exterior and interior of the car.

 At the same time, having become more luxurious, the fifth generation Range Rover is losing some of its off-road package, writes AutoExpress. It also publishes unofficial renderings of the future news. So, according to the publication, in the future, the entire Range Rover line will focus on driving performance on the highway, and not on off-road ability.

 Jaguar Land Rover plant in the British city of Solihull will be engaged in the production of new items. This company has already received about £ 500 million in investments. Moderate-hybrid and rechargeable-hybrid versions of the new generation Range Rover will debut, as auto experts expect, only in 2021. But the public premiere of the electric SUV is scheduled for the 2022nd.