The FIA ​​supported the initiative of the British Auto Federation

The FIA ​​supported the initiative of the British Auto Federation

April 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The FIA ​​drew attention to the experience of the British national federation Motorsport UK, which has taken a number of practical initiatives to help local auto clubs get timely information in the current circumstances.

The FIA ​​press service distributed a release saying that the official Motorsport UK website has the necessary links, tips on how to proceed in the context of the spread of coronavirus, information on what types of support, including governmental, you can count on, recommendations safety, etc.

The FIA ​​also welcomes the fact that the British Federation helps to conduct virtual championships in various categories of motorsport, including karting, rallies and circuit races. In addition, with the support of Motorsport UK, qualified specialists advise riders on nutrition and training, for which social networks are widely used.

Also in the UK, starting March 31, there are online courses for employees of the national federation and local auto clubs, which are already involved in 3,500 people. During April, they will be joined by marshals working in club-level races.

Separately, the FIA ​​noted that the British motorsport community is solidarity and supports the British Formula 1 teams and other organizations that have joined the program to improve mechanical ventilation devices for the national health system.