The FIA ​​launched an investigation into the accident in the Formula 2 race

The FIA ​​launched an investigation into the accident in the Formula 2 race

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The FIA ​​launched an investigation into the accident in Saturday’s Formula 2 race at the Spa, which led to the death of Antoine Hubert. This was stated by race director Michael Masi.

Michael Masi: “On Saturday, we started an investigation. The FIA ​​Technical and Medical Department, as well as the Safety Improvement Department – the various departments in the FIA ​​structure – immediately launched an accident investigation. The Federation will work with the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium (RACB) and other officials.

The decision to cancel the Sunday race of Formula 2 was made by the FIA ​​together with the promoter of Formula 2 with the full support of Formula 1 Group.

Now you need to analyze all the circumstances of the incident. I do not think that it is necessary to set any deadlines. We will conduct a full investigation, as is the case with every serious incident – it doesn’t matter whether it is ring races, rallies or anything else.

We are constantly improving the safety of racing. As soon as new technologies and materials become available, we try to use them to increase safety, and this is an ongoing process.

I have already said this and will repeat: security is one of the fundamental foundations of the FIA, one of the reasons for the existence of the federation. This work will never stop. We will continue to conduct research, analyze everything and improve as much as possible. ”