The FIA ​​has doubts about the legality of the Ferrari engine

The FIA ​​has doubts about the legality of the Ferrari engine

April 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In late February, the FIA ​​announced that it had reached a confidential agreement with Ferrari following an investigation into compliance with their power plant regulations. The FIA ​​did not gain confidence that the engine at all times corresponded to the regulations, but the complexity and irregularity of the alleged violations did not allow the federation to prove this.

FIA President Jean Todt said that he still has doubts about the legality of last year’s power plant Ferrari, but in Scuderia they constantly denied all the charges, insisting on a confidential agreement.

Jean Todt: “The FIA ​​employs several engineers who oversee teams with several hundred engineers. I always told the teams that if they have any doubts about legality, then they should immediately send us a request. We worked with Ferrari for several months, and we still have doubts.

Ferrari did not recognize that they were doing something that was not in keeping with the spirit of the rules. They always answered no, no, and no. We had doubts, but now there is no such doubt, since we have forbidden to do what, in our opinion, they could do.

We cannot divulge what they did. We could have filed them with the court of appeal, but we did not know how long the process would take. We considered that it was not in the interests of sports. Therefore, we entered into a confidential agreement at the request of Ferrari, as they had the right to do so. Personally, I would like to be published in Ferrari. “