The Ferrari threatened with the departure of Formula 1

The Ferrari threatened with the departure of Formula 1

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, the teams agreed to limit the budget to the 2021st sum of $ 175 million for the season, but since then the situation has changed. Because of the epidemic, the financial issue became even more acute – last week the teams discussed a budget limit for 2021 at the level of 145 million, and up to $ 130 million in 2022.

The head of the Ferrari team, Mattia Binotto, at first insisted that the budget for manufacturers should be limited differently than for customers, and now announced the possible withdrawal of Scuderia from Formula 1 if new restrictions are adopted …

Mattia Binotto: “The budget limit of $ 145 million per season is already much more serious than what we agreed on last June. This value cannot be achieved without serious sacrifices on our part, especially in terms of reducing human resources. If the amount becomes even smaller, we will consider other options for implementing our passion for racing.

Formula 1 should be the technical and technological pinnacle of motorsport, attractive to automakers and sponsors who want to be associated with the most prestigious category. By over-limiting expenses, we run the risk of significantly lowering the level of the championship, bringing it closer to the younger series. ”