The fastest Tesla Model 3 rushing through the Nurburgring

The fastest Tesla Model 3 rushing through the Nurburgring

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sedan drove the track in about nine minutes.

A video appeared in the Web in which the Tesla Model 3 Performance passes the “Northern Loop” of the Nürburgring. Even with the traffic, the car drove the track in nine minutes – that is, about the same level as the Opel Zafira OPC and Volkswagen Lupo GTI.

According to the authors of the video, about half of the circle of electronics reported overheating of the brakes, so it was impossible to continue the race in fully combat mode. At the same time, the Tesla driver decided not to use the “track mode”, in which the redistribution of thrust, recovery systems and the air conditioning compressor, which cools the power electronics, start working differently.

The video description says that if there were more powerful brakes and an experienced pilot, the car would be able to drive the “North Loop” in about eight minutes.

Tesla Model 3 in the Performance version is equipped with two electric motors, lowered suspension and 20-inch wheels. The car accelerates from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds (versus 4.5 seconds in conventional twin-engine cars), and its maximum speed reaches 260 kilometers per hour (against 233 kilometers per hour). Power reserve – almost 500 kilometers.

In the US, Model 3 Performance costs from 51,450 dollars.