The fastest man on the planet presented a new electric car

The fastest man on the planet presented a new electric car

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Titled athlete Usain Bolt, who continues to retain the title of the fastest man on the planet, decided to conquer a new height. The nine-time Olympic champion presented an electric car called the Bolt Nano at the Paris exhibition.

The famous Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt decided to immortalize his name in another niche – in the world of electric cars. Earlier, the fastest man on the planet released three electric scooters that are safe for the environment – Bolt Original, Bolt One and Bolt Chariot. All of them can travel up to three kilometers on one charge. Now, at the VivaTech exhibition in Paris, the young American company Bolt Mobility showed the two-seater electric car Bolt Nano, ideal for short trips around the city.

The power reserve of such a miniature electric vehicle, according to its creators, does not exceed 24 kilometers. On the technical features of new items yet. It is only known that Bolt Nano will receive replaceable batteries. Compact dimensions allow you to park an electric car even on the busiest streets in this plan – on a standard parking space, if you wish, you can fit four of these electric vehicles. The width of such a microcar should pass through the doorway!

It is noted that the Bolt Nano will start with a niche carsharing cars. To this end, the manufacturer is going to build a network of charging stations for its electric microcar.

 On the launch of the production of new items is still not known. But the price tag for Bolt Nano is already available Р9,999 US dollars. Pre-orders for new items have already started.