The extraordinary Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept is back in business!

The extraordinary Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept is back in business!

June 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Do you remember the Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept? This … how to call it something … to be honest, the first time I saw this miracle of Italian engineering thought, I thought it was nothing more than a UFO. The automaker introduced this concept at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show.

Perhaps everyone agrees that the concept of Modulo is a rarity in terms of design – just look at this car. A car that looks more like a UFO than a sports car has hidden wheels — all of this should be enough to remind you how radical the car design was then, to the extent that this car received 22 design awards.

Ferrari Modulo probably would almost never hit the road if it were not for the car enthusiast James Glikenhaus, who bought the concept car from the legendary design studio Pininfarina, with the intention of returning it to full use. And, it seems, he fully succeeded.

In this video, Ferrari Modulo was spotted at the Villa d’Este and in Concourso d’Eleganza. It looks like the car is in full working order. Moreover, the massive 5.0-liter V12 engine with 550 horsepower does not seem to have lost its agility.

I note that this is not the first time we see a Ferrari Modulo on public streets. Last year, Mr. Glikenhaus demonstrated a concept car on video, published on the social network Facebook, although the body was still under development at that time. But it seems that the project was completed five years after Glikenhaus bought this car.