The exploitation of cars with dangerous cushions Takata banned In Australia

The exploitation of cars with dangerous cushions Takata banned In Australia

September 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The authorities require owners to change the airbags

Residents of South Australia, owning cars with inflatable pillows Takata “type A”, from November 1, will prohibit the operation of cars. So the authorities are trying to force motorists to change defective airbags

Defective airbags in operation can cause severe injuries to the driver and passenger. Installed inside the pyro cartridge explodes more than provided for by the design. Because of this, the steel fragments of the body fly apart like a shrapnel.

There are several types of defective pillows, of which “type A” is the most dangerous. Tony Weber, head of the Australian Federal Chamber of the Automobile Industry (FCAI), told journalists that with these cushions the risk of an explosion when triggered can reach 50 percent.

According to the service, launched this year, in Australia there are still a lot of machines with “type A” cushions – the register lists 19,500 defective pillows (679 of them in South Australia). Not all cars from the list are still in operation, but this is also a lot.

Most owners of cars from the list repeatedly notified dealers. Now they will once again be notified by the officials of the South Australian Motor Register, giving them 30 days to provide documents on the alteration. Owners of such cars are entitled to a free replacement of airbags from the dealer – and if they have not already done so, they need to contact the dealers as soon as possible.

North American factories of the company Takata have produced more than one hundred million defective airbags. Since 2008, there are 14 cases in the US and several in Asia, when car drivers died because of an airbag explosion. After trials around the world, a recall campaign was launched, in which over thirty million machines participated. As a result of the scandal, Takata went bankrupt.

Cars with defective pillows Takata were sold all over the world: they are individual models of BMW, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Tesla – and more than a dozen brands. On the site of the American agency NHTSA, you can check whether your model is included in this list – and if it is included, then conduct a more accurate check by entering the VIN-code of your car here.