The era of global alliances. French PSA can unite with Fiat-Chrysler

The era of global alliances. French PSA can unite with Fiat-Chrysler

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The global automotive industry has been infected with the fever of global alliances, as Carlos Tavares, general director of the French PSA Group, is looking for partners to help expand the company’s activities outside of Europe.

PSA is currently considering a merger or collaboration with several other automakers, among which General Motors or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are mentioned. In the first case, the partnership looks quite interesting, because PSA acquired the rights to Opel from GM.

However, GM and FCA are not the only potential candidates, as the Jaguar Land Rover, according to rumors, may also be of interest to the French, but their influence on the US market is much less than that of the two above-mentioned concerns.

Indirectly, the possibility of interest in similar associations expressed FCA CEO Mike Manley, who hinted that the company is open to such negotiations, and he will consider any transaction that will make Fiat stronger.

Now it remains unclear what will happen next, but it seems that automakers spurred a global alliance between Ford and Volkswagen, which was announced in January. It is reported that the partnership will be aimed at developing commercial vans and medium-sized pickups, and the first joint cars will appear in 2022.