The engine of this tuned Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV has 1278 Nm of torque

The engine of this tuned Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV has 1278 Nm of torque

August 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Under the hood of the modernized German SUV Mercedes-AMG G63 is a 940-horsepower engine that has 1278 Nm of torque. The specialists of the Posaidon studio were responsible for the modernization of the car. Acceleration to 100 kph takes 3.6 seconds.

Many owners of the German full-size SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class buy it not because of its impressive off-road capabilities, but because of its brutal appearance, as well as a very powerful engine. Especially appreciated are the so-called “charged” versions of the car, from the sports brand Mercedes-AMG or various tuning ateliers. We’ve seen a lot of really fast and powerful helicopters, but this version of the car is still different from them. How is it different? Huge Torque – Thanks to its incredibly fast acceleration, the heavy SUV can easily reach 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds.

It is worth noting that the standard Mercedes-AMG G63 with its twin-turbo V8 has 585 hp. (850 Nm).

Posaidon has spent a lot of time upgrading the standard 4.0-liter SUV engine and has managed to increase its power to a staggering 940 hp and torque is now 1278 Nm.

It is reported that the tuner has replaced the original turbochargers with more efficient ones, and also installed a new exhaust system. The guys spent some time tweaking the cylinder heads, intake and cooling systems. In addition, Posaidon has decided to install an extra fuel tank for the water / methanol injection system in the off-road vehicle’s cargo area for additional boost pressure to achieve these impressive power and torque figures.

It goes without saying that the tuner also had to work with the ECM, optimizing its software to cope with the huge performance gains. Top speed is now electronically limited to 280 km / h, which is very impressive for a car with a brick drag coefficient.

Posaidon had to install a set of powerful carbon ceramic brakes on the AMG, which not only improve braking but also reduce weight compared to traditional brake discs. Rounding out the changes is a modified bonnet with carbon fiber air intakes, providing better engine ventilation and a more aggressive look for the SUV.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the PerformMaster studio presented “business” tuning for the Mercedes-AMG G63. PerformMaster has developed a “package” of upgrades for the Mercedes-AMG G63. The iconic German SUV boasts 800+ horsepower and a redesigned exterior.