The electric version of the BMW 3-Series seen on tests

The electric version of the BMW 3-Series seen on tests

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car was seen on road tests in Germany, but it is intended for the car market in China.

BMW has begun testing the electric version of the 3-Series sedan. The car is designed for the Middle Kingdom car market. Despite the dense layer of camouflage, it was possible to draw some conclusions about the new product. The first is the lack of exhaust pipes, indicating the electric version of the new car. The second is a lattice hidden by camouflage, which confirms the absence of the need to cool the engine. Finally, we note the LWB case – cars with this option are intended only for the Chinese market.

The new BMW 3-Series should become the main competitor to the Tesla Model 3 in China, which is already on sale.

At the same time, through the production of machines in China, Tesla managed to get subsidies and lower prices. However, BMW has a definite advantage – it is this brand that is most popular among premium brands in China, so that with good equipment, the German automaker can count on a high level of sales.