The electric car Citroen Ami One will be an alternative to urban transport

The electric car Citroen Ami One will be an alternative to urban transport

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The French brand celebrated its 100th anniversary with the release of a new concept.

In honor of the 100th anniversary, Citroen has prepared a new concept, which should be an alternative to urban public and private transport. To control the electric car AMI ONE do not need a driver’s license. And using a smartphone, you can rent a car for a period of from five minutes to five years.

The cube on wheels, whose length is 2.5, and the height and width – 1.5 meters, is protected from all sides by Airbump linings – the same can be seen on the serial C5 Aircross. On one charge, the electric car travels up to 100 kilometers, and its maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour. Recharging lithium-ion batteries from public stations takes two hours. The concept is distinguished by an asymmetrical arrangement of the seats and a fabric sliding roof.

AMI ONE CONCEPT is constantly connected to the web. The vehicle is operated using a smartphone: to unlock the doors, you need to read the QR code printed on the door handles, and to start driving – install the gadget in a special niche equipped with induction charging. Instrument readings are displayed on a five-inch digital panel, a cylindrical joystick to the right of the steering wheel combines the engine start button, horn button, transmission selector and Bluetooth speaker with volume control.

For the “humanization” of communication with the car, the graphical interface uses a stylized image of the eyes, and AMI ONE itself is equipped with a “sound identification” developed by Start-Rec together with the designers of the brand Citroën. When driving, the system generates an analog audio circuit, warning pedestrians of an approaching electric vehicle.

In the future, AMI ONE can be rented through a special application or website for a period of five minutes to five years. For long term rentals, battery replacement, maintenance and parking will be included in the monthly payment. Signing up for a test drive of the car will be available in La Maison Citroën showrooms located in 14 cities in seven countries of the world.

Citroen has also developed exclusive pieces of luggage specifically for the concept car. The set included a backpack, a shopping basket and a cylindrical travel bag.