The dynamics of the new BMW M5 CS showed on video

The dynamics of the new BMW M5 CS showed on video

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

BMW driver Connor Diefillippi headed to Daytona to race the 24-hour M8 GTE and stopped at the BMW Center in South Carolina along the way.

There is a very good reason for such a non-standard stop, as well as an atypical entry, as Diphillippi is one of the first people outside of Munich to get behind the wheel of the recently unveiled BMW M5 CS. This is a pretty good opportunity because the new lightweight M5 is the most powerful production M car ever.

Not only is it more powerful than any other M car (its unit produces 626 hp), but it also weighs 104 kg less than the M5 Competition, from which it was developed. BMW accomplished this by removing some of the car’s soundproofing and adding a carbon fiber roof, hood, front splitter and mirror caps.

The car also received improved dynamic shock absorber control and springs optimized for a lightweight package. It also has an exclusive rear-wheel drive forced activation mode.

BMW claims the M5 CS is capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, but the car and driver hit the heavier and less powerful M5 Competition in 2 seconds, although BMW claimed to sprint in 3.1 seconds. Therefore, we will not be surprised if optimal conditions will shorten the time.

“I would say that the first thing that impresses me is strength,” said the rider, pausing to breathe.