The driver was sentenced to real term for trying to deceive the speed camera

The driver was sentenced to real term for trying to deceive the speed camera

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

High-speed cameras have long been used in many countries around the world. And in different countries they are sometimes treated ambiguously. For example, the 58-year-old British businessman not only made these devices at friendly gatherings, but declared a real war to them. For which he paid with his own freedom.

An enterprising man from West Yorkshire installed a “laser silencer” on his BMW 3-Series to block signals from police speed traps. For the time being, this tactic bore fruit: fines stopped coming. But once Michael Twizell still got caught.

On that day, a motorist was driving on the A658 highway near the town of Harrogate. A mobile speed camera was installed on the track, next to which was a van with police officers. When Twizell drove past, the system reported a crash. The law enforcement officers decided to find out the reasons for the error.

When the police stopped the driver of the BMW, they found a small black device under the front number. Subsequently, we managed to find out that this is a special laser emitter that blocks the operation of high-speed cameras.

The Twizella case went to court. British Themis strictly approached the choice of punishment. The judge noted that the actions of Michael Twizella not only allowed him to exceed the speed with impunity, thereby violating the law, but also endangered others. Moreover, the work of the entire speed tracking system was under threat. All this in aggregate is a dangerous crime.

As a result, the driver was sentenced to three months in prison and a fine of £ 1,500 was issued to him.