The dog hijacked a Mercedes and made an accident

The dog hijacked a Mercedes and made an accident

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Do not leave your pet alone in the car, especially if it is the 2001 S430

A San Francisco couple left their dog named Duke in the 2001 locked Mercedes-Benz S430. Due to the technical features of this model, the animal managed to put the box in a neutral position, drive and become the culprit of a traffic accident.

Jenny and Jim Black, the owners of Duke, told local media that their pet managed to wrap a leash around the gear lever and move it from parking mode to neutral. The fact is that, due to the design feature of the S430, the selector can be shifted without depressing the brake pedal – it is enough to hit the lever itself (this option is provided in case the vehicle needs to be towed). Apparently, Duke was able to use this method to remove the parking mode.

The car rolled, hit a bin and crashed into a concrete fence. Upon returning, Jenny and Jim found the following picture: their Mercedes was half hanging from the curb, around the elements of the fence were scattered, and Duke sat in the driver’s seat with a “smile” from ear to ear. As a result of the accident, he was not injured.

A similar incident occurred last summer in Colorado. However, at that time the culprit of the accident was not the dog, but the bear, who climbed on his own into the parked Subaru. The beast removed the station wagon from the parking brake and drove about 30 meters, until the car braked on a tree.