The design of the new Volkswagen Golf R is fully unveiled

The design of the new Volkswagen Golf R is fully unveiled

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The official appearance will take place only after a few months, but photo spies have caught the model now.

In many ways, we are still getting to know the new VW Golf. The eighth generation hatchback made its debut in October 2019, and VW did not pass up the conversation about performance options. GTI was easy, but today we have crystal clear spy shots showing the painted Golf R without a single camouflage stitch that can be found anywhere. All in all, here’s the new R model a few months before VW wants you to see it.

How do we know this is R? The four-pointed tailpipes located on the sides of the diffuser on the lower rear panel are dead. These designer cues scream the Golf R, and powerful brakes stand behind the wheels. In fact, we saw similar brakes in recent GTI TCR spy shots taken earlier in February, but the front panel of this car is completely different and more aggressive.

Finally, there is one photo in the back that seems to show a little more snow rising up from the rear tires. Admittedly, this is a tension since we are dealing with winter tires, but the Golf R will be all-wheel drive.

By and large, the VW Golf R is still a very secretive hatchback. The leaked VW slideshow says it will have 329 horsepower from its turbocharged engine, which transmits movement to all four wheels through a dual-clutch gearbox. This is a decent reduction in power from the current generation, and it certainly should provide some fierce competition for the Honda Civic Type R, which still directs all its power to the front wheels only. There may be an even hotter model with more than 400 hp.

There are currently GTIs and Golf R.s in the US market. The GTI is confirmed for debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show, which means it should go on sale in the States later this year. Regarding the Golf R, reports say it will debut this summer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, although it is not currently confirmed. Other rumors are that it will become official later this year, but in any case, it is likely to go on sale in the U.S. as a 2021 model. However, with this test vehicle passing around without any coatings, this has already been revealed.