The demand for hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie six times exceeded circulation

The demand for hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie six times exceeded circulation

July 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the hype around the model, the company will still release only 150 copies.

Aston Martin executive director Andy Palmer said that the company underestimated the demand for a Valkyrie hypercar – the manufacturer could sell about 900-1000 copies, but promised to release a hypercar with a circulation of 150 cars.

In an interview with Car Sales, Palmer admitted that initially it was a circulation of 24 or 59 hypercars. During the discussions, the representatives of Aston Martin decided to make a slightly more ambitious sales plan and try to sell 150 cars. Only then did they realize that they could sell five or six times as many cars, because people willing to pay for it turned out to be much more than the company thought.

But Palmer refused to change the initially voiced circulation of cars – according to him, honesty to buyers is much more important than money, because when a person trusts you so much that he writes a check for a large amount, you need to comply.

“It’s really a shame, but if we promised to make 150 cars, we will not do the 151st. I think it’s very important not only to make promises, but also to fulfill them, ” – said Palmer.

Despite the fact that the executive director of Aston Martin recognizes that the company could help out an impressive amount if it had collected not 150, but 900 Valkyries, Palmer continues to insist that this hypercar is not only for making money. According to him, the car became a kind of ideological inspiration for the whole team, thanks to which the staff rallied even more.

The cost of the hypercar is about 4.5 million dollars. Representatives of the company independently chose future owners, so that the hypercars would fall into the right hands. In addition, each owner will be awarded a contract for a year, according to which he will not be able to resell the car to those who could not get approval from Aston Martin in the first year of ownership.