The debut of the new Ford Focus RS postponed for several years

The debut of the new Ford Focus RS postponed for several years

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The tightening of European standards for carbon dioxide emissions has led to problems with the creators of the new generation Ford Focus RS.

According to the Autocar portal, relying on its own sources at Ford Corporation, the premiere of the “charged” Focus RS hatchback of the new generation had to be postponed for at least several years.

  Initially, it was planned to show the car this year, but the engineers were faced with problems that are associated with the Focus power unit. The RS variation was expected to become a mild hybrid with an electric starter-generator, but it became known that a similar level of electrification would still not be enough to meet stringent environmental standards in Europe.

 There is only one way out – to turn the Focus RS into a full-fledged hybrid, however, in connection with this, the premiere of the “hot” model will take place only in 2022–2023. Surely, the hybrid powertrain will be developed on the basis of the “four” with a volume of 2.5 liters, operating according to the Atkinson cycle, and the electric motor will be responsible for the rotation of the rear axle.

The total performance of the power plant, according to assumptions, will be 400 hp. If, of course, Ford’s bosses consider the Hybrid Focus project to be economically viable and give it a green light.

It was also previously noted that in the tests they noticed a high-performance Ford Puma ST crossover. The official debut of the new items should take place this year.