The debut of the electric Hummer decided to postpone

The debut of the electric Hummer decided to postpone

April 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier, the presentation of the car was scheduled for May 20. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed.

Hummer’s loud comeback was announced back in winter – it happened at the Super Bowl sporting event, which over the years has been gathering the largest audience from TVs and Internet service providers. Then it was said that the car will not appear as a representative of its own brand, but in the GMC model line. It was also said that the novelty will receive an electric power plant.

A little later, the public was introduced to the new car logo and announced the date of the premiere show – May 20. However, it is now clear that due to the coronavirus epidemic, these plans are not destined to come true. The model was supposed to be presented in 2021 as a car in 2022.

This would allow her to enter the market along with other electric pickups, in particular, Tesla Cybertruck.

However, no one has yet seen a prototype even with a lot of camouflage, which leads to certain thoughts about postponing the debut. To somehow maintain interest in the new product, GMC introduced a video on which a large car can be seen from above. Most likely, we are talking about the new Hummer – if so, then the novelty should become a four-door.