The debut date of the new Land Cruiser 300 SUV has become known

The debut date of the new Land Cruiser 300 SUV has become known

October 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The current Land Cruiser 200 began selling in 2007 and is already technically outdated. Also, the car needs a refresh of the exterior.

information appeared regarding the debut of the new Land Cruiser 300 SUV. Note that rumors about replacing the Land Cruiser 200 with a newer car began to appear 2 years ago. According to the BestCarWeb portal, the new product should be officially shown in September 2021. Earlier it was assumed that the new product could debut in 2020.

There was no official data on the characteristics of the car from Toyota, so at the moment it remains to be content with information from various sources. Dimensions will grow slightly and amount to 4950x1980x1880 mm, but the wheelbase will grow up to 2,900 mm. The basic version will be a 5-seater car, however, due to the third row of seats, the number of people in the cabin can be increased to 8.

The most global changes must take place under the hood – instead of a gasoline V8, a hybrid engine will be used, which consists of a 299-horsepower internal combustion engine and a 180-horsepower electric motor.

Also in the engine range, a modern 3.5-liter turbo engine should appear, capable of producing 415 hp. Previously, there was information about the debut of a 3.3-liter diesel engine, but such an engine is unlikely to be available in all markets. Experts agree that after the change of generations, the Land Cruiser 300 will become more expensive by 500 thousand yen