The danger of dust from automobile brakes is named

The danger of dust from automobile brakes is named

January 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to scientists from Royal College of London, brake dust from cars causes the same environmental damage as exhaust fumes.

During the experiments of British experts, the following ratio was revealed: 20% of all pollution from vehicles is brake dust. It appears at the moment of friction of a metal or ceramic shoe against a brake disk.

 Scientists were able to find out that the substances contained in brake dust reduce the ability of white blood cells to fight infectious bacteria. This, in turn, weakens the human immune system.

Brake dust from the machine consists mainly of vanadium. In addition, scientists found elements of arsenic, copper, iron, antimony and tin in it. They also emphasize that dust from car brakes is no less dangerous than fumes from diesel power units. Currently, only laboratory tests of brake dust have been carried out, for this reason work in this direction will continue.