The crossover Mercedes-Benz GLB has a new base version

The crossover Mercedes-Benz GLB has a new base version

May 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German manufacturer launches initial GLB 180

The range of Mercedes-Benz GLB crossovers was replenished with the initial modification with an index of “180” – in Europe, a front-wheel drive crossover with a 136-horsepower gasoline engine (200 Nm) went on sale 1.3. The appearance of a new base version allowed to lower the starting price by 900-1200 euros, depending on the market.

At the start of sales, Mercedes-Benz offered five modifications of the GLB crossover, and initial configurations with front-wheel drive were offered only in the versions GLB 200 (1.3 liters, 163 horsepower, 250 Nm) and GLB 200 d (2.0 liters, 150 horsepower , 320 Nm). Later, the GLB 180 d diesel version (2.0 liters, 116 horsepower, 280 Nm) replenished the gamut, and now the turn of the gasoline crossover with the same index has come.

The 1.33-liter petrol turbo four in the GLB 180 and GLB 200 versions is combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch robot. The crossover with a 136-horsepower engine lost dynamics: accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes 9.9 seconds. But fuel consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

While the modification of the Mercedes-Benz GLB 180 is available to order only in Europe. Depending on the sales market, the “savings” with respect to the GLB 200 and the diesel version of GLB 180 d are 900-1200 euros