The crossover Ford Kuga has another hybrid version

The crossover Ford Kuga has another hybrid version

November 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Over a year ago, the American automaker actively began electrifying its model lineup for European customers. And this process continues as the demand for this type of car is growing.

The popular Ford crossover Ford Kuga has two hybrid modifications in its arsenal. One gets a two-liter 150-horsepower diesel, complemented by a 48-volt starter-generator, the other is a rechargeable hybrid with a 2.5-liter gasoline “aspirated” and an electric motor

Now the brand has introduced another hybrid that will fill the vacant place between these two options. The new modification is unified with a more advanced rechargeable hybrid: it borrowed from it a gasoline engine, an electric motor and an electromechanical variator.

In this case, the maximum return of the novelty will be 190 horsepower versus 225 hp. for the “older” version. Also, the novelty gets a less capacious battery – only 1.1 kW ∙ h. This battery does not support charging from a wall outlet.

But the drive of the new hybrid Kuga is full. For the first time for this crossover.

The new Kuga Hybrid will accelerate to 100 kph in 9.1 seconds. And its range, according to the developers, reaches 1000 kilometers.

For an all-wheel drive hybrid novelty in the German car market, you will have to pay at least 37,000 euros. Diesel “mild” hybrid costs 32,000 euros, and the rechargeable Kuga PHEV – 40,000 euros

Earlier, our portal said that Ford is starting serial production of the Bronco Sport crossover. Next in line for the conveyor is the full-size Bronco. Its release will begin only next year.