The crossover BMW X5 will have a hydrogen version

The crossover BMW X5 will have a hydrogen version

July 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The hydrogen version of the BMW X5 crossover will appear in the list of modifications only by 2022. Moreover, the circulation of such SUVs will be limited.

BMW X5 will receive a modification on hydrogen fuel cells. This information is shared by Automotive News Europe, citing Bloomberg.

According to media reports, the first release of the new X5 i Hydrogen Next will be small batch. The Bavarian brand will work with Toyota on hydrogen fuel cell technology. At the same time, BMW calls the niche of hydrogen cars promising.

In general, the company is going to produce cars with different types of drives, without focusing on any one technology. The Germans plan to adhere to this strategy until one of them becomes the leader.

As a reminder, the conceptual BMW X5 i Hydrogen Next, showing the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell technology, was presented in Frankfurt. Then, BMW promised that the debut batch of new crossovers would see the light of day in 2022.

But the launch of mass production of new items will have to wait a few more years – until 2025.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has ditched hydrogen cars. The management of the brand considered the development of electric cars more promising due to the actively developing battery segment. The development of hydrogen transport in this regard is inferior to the electric one: the costs are high, plus there is no developed infrastructure.