The creators of the new Chevy Corvette took care of the place for the license plate

The creators of the new Chevy Corvette took care of the place for the license plate

January 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The built-in holder makes the license plate (square in shape, it is such a look adopted in the USA) that is pretty beautiful and neat, but in our country the license plate number will still spoil the aggressive appearance of this car.

After a brief delay in the start of mass production of the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 generation, which was associated with a prolonged strike by the United States Automobile Workers’ Union (UAW) last year, all problems begin to settle down and assembly will begin soon. The company’s production facilities in Bowling Green (USA) should begin to produce cars in February of this year, which means that it is time to pay attention to the most ugly detail in the exterior of any supercar.

The pointed front of the new C8 made many think about how the front license plate will look on the front bumper of the supercar and combine with its formidable appearance.

And imagine how this aggressive exterior will be spoiled by our hefty license plate!

It is noteworthy that the engineers of the American automaker took care of this. So, the place for the license plate is located under the upper “lip” in the center of the front bumper. The license plate is mounted in the built-in hole, which otherwise – when this sign is not needed, is filled with a plate filler corresponding to the rest of the bumper.

 There are also pre-installed attachment points for the license plate, but to match the angular front clip C8, this plate should be slightly bent in the middle. It remains to tighten only a couple of screws, and the plate will be firmly fixed. Honestly, this solution looks pretty good.